I’m literally crying of happiness! So proud of you !

Sweet lady! I pray you & your loved ones are well.

I wanted to THANK YOU for believing in me, and giving me a chance to represent you, even though I’m new to Instagram and don’t have a lot of followers.

I had so much fun modeling your gorgeous “Lily” dress, I took a chance and submitted my application to a modeling agency.

They called me to do a test photoshoot before the quarantine.

I wore my lovely “Lily” dress because it makes me feel like a princess.

Even though I’ll be 50 years old not long from now, and I’m only 5 feet tall, GUESS WHAT????? I just got the call.

I’m getting a modeling contract with a huge agency in Dallas!!! I will ALWAYS be grateful. YOU gave me a chance, and YOU believed in me!!!! God bless you!!!!! And I want you to know that I believe in YOU, and I’m praying for you and your precious family, and your awesome business. You’re blessing others and changing lives, all in the name of Jesus!

Keep up the amazing work!!!! 

I feel incredibly blessed to know you. You’re one of those rare people who put others above yourself. You’re always going “above and beyond” to bless others. You sure have done that for me.

After struggling with my health for 10+ years, I finally started getting well last year. I lost 115 pounds and my hair grew back, all within a short time. Right after all that happened, I started my first my first Instagram account.

My sweet hubby told me he wanted to get me some new clothes. That same day, I found Bloom Bella on Instagram and connected with sweet Pao, who was a blessing to me from the beginning!!!

Pao not only helped me rebuild my wardrobe, she helped me rebuild my self-esteem. After having been sick and overweight for so long, it was tough.

Pao encouraged me every step of the way.

Thanks in large part to her belief in me and her beautiful clothes, I realized my dream of becoming a model at almost 50-years-old!

I wore her clothes during my first photoshoot, and they were a hit! I felt beautiful and confident for the first time in a long time!

In addition to modeling, I’m launching a blog soon, all about my journey to a healthy life.

You’d better believe I’m going to be including Pao and Bloom Bella on my blog.

Kristy Gillinder

Pflugerville, Texas

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