Hi everyone, My name is Patty.
I want to take a few minutes of your time.
To let you know, I don't speak up very much.
However, I want to talk to you about the petticoat skirt and Bloom Bella dress.
I love it. It makes you feel so beautiful When you wear it.
If you swing around, it gives that feeling of being sexy.
I love Pao design. It makes you feel young.
It provides a sense that when I was growing up, my mom would dress my sister up to make us feel confident, like we could do anything.
I remember my mom said it all always important you dress for success; then, nothing will stop you.
All I am saying is to look and be able to wear them.
It takes me back to when I was a teenager, when everything seemed so innocent.
For that, I give her a clap and say, keep good work up.
Jesus will be right there every step you take.
Patty Crowell

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