Scented infused textiles by Bloom Bella

Bloom Bella recently added scented infused textiles to some of her exclusive dresses.

Bloom Bella loves to enhance the unboxing experience to the maximum.

Designers have made use of scents to add a little magic to their clothes.
The scratch and sniff technology in clothes has been around for a while in the garment industry. Previously used in greeting cards and stickers, this was soon implemented in apparels especially for young kids.

Fragrances are said to work as mood enhancers, stress busters, and posses the capability to evoke emotions.

Connecting clothes with fragrance technology to biometric sensors, which measure heart rate and stress levels, a relaxing scent can be infused to help a person calm down or for uplifting an individual's mood.

Another reason why to choose Bloom Bella, an unforgettable experience for your senses.

NOTE: Fragance will go away once dress is washed. All scented items will be labeled under item des