About Us

Bloom Bella had the privilege and honor to dress amazing women of influence like Rosie Rivera, Zuleyka Barreiro, Egleyda, Any Puello, Ana de Montreal and Delki Rosso. A dream come true!
I believe that the right dress favors women giving her confidence and self love. Every women deserves to feel beautiful from the inside out.
Bloom Bella is not only an online boutique but an instagram blog @pao.bloombella
I Have to mention that I have always been very passionate about fashion or as I call it “dressing like a princess”
Bloom Bella has its roots and inspiration on the 50's and royal fashion.  You will find timeless, feminine, classy and sophisticated styles.
This collection is inspired by the very own needs of women everywhere, whether is for pure fashion, faith purposes or life decision, I'm here to help you achieve it.
I want you to feel like a princess and swirl your dress every time you wear a Bloom Bella dress.
Our goal is to offer a great experience, high quality items and excellence.
I also love to empower other by sharing my faith in God.
Bloom Bella was born in my heart at the age of 20 but came alive in 2018.
Thank you so much for being part of this journey, for reading me and for all your support.